Landlord Representation

MSK develops comprehensive, individualized marketing and leasing strategies, based on a property's condition and location, to achieve its highest potential positioning in alignment with ownership's investment objectives. Implementation of a leasing strategy includes direct solicitation of potential tenants and their brokers, extensive reporting of prospect activity to ownership, optimum pricing recommendations and expedited LOI presentations, responses, and negotiations for efficiency and results. Our advisors provide you with a range of services, including assessing similar properties in your marketplace, targeting, attracting and securing the right tenants and minimizing your risk with thoughtfully negotiated leases to maximize vallue of your asset and deliver a peace of mind.

Attracting the right tenant from the best and highest use approach to maximize the value of every assets. Discover how we can help you today.

Solicit LOIs from potential tenants and tenants' brokers. Create diversify and creative solutions to bridge the gap, and overcome the challenges of changing market and funnel to lease negotiation stage.

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