Tenant Representation

Survey and building/space selection not only impact your company image, but also inpact on efficientcy, productivity, and employee morale. Lease negotiation, location analysis, and space programming have never been easier with MSK. We walk you through the A to Z process from collecting and reviewing your criteria to move-in and everything in between.

Our experts with skilled negotiation tactics, detailed research, and knowledge of your market and its owners allow us to help you by brokering your lease while you focus on your day-to-day business.

Location and demographics are crutial elements for your business and employees. With the latest technology tools and data, in-depth geographical the demographic analysis is provided to assist with site planning that meets the objectives of your business.

Conduct lease review and assist with negotiation to excercise renewal option within fair market rental rate and unlock potential incentives for renewal. Upon evaluating the usage and situation at the end of lease, work with operation team on options to renew or strategic relocation or expansion/grwoth plan to achieve operational objectives.

Structure the LOIs and term sheets to achieve tenant's rental rate objective and tenant improvement needs while also able to strike landlords' goals. Overcome obsticles with strategic planning and creative solutions.

Turn the excess space into revenue. Conduct lease review to ensure right of subletting and assist with the process of subleasing to obtain the right subtenants for the excess space.

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